Many problems that arise during the use of our laser devices can be solved simply.
We have prepared a series of small problems that our customers have faced and for which we provide the best solutions

If you are unable to solve the problem, our service department is at your disposal.

  1. The laser line is weak or fuzzy ?
    Possible cause: Optical window dirty
    Solution: The optical window has a special anti-reflective coating. Then clean the optical windows with a cotton ball soaked in detergent NOT aggressive
  2. No laser beam?
    Possible cause: – Power supply is not stable or blown fuse.- No voltage.

    – The plug is not properly inserted

    Solution:Recommendations We recommend the use of a voltage stabilizer (Mod SPIKE).Check if the laser is powered correctly.
  3. Laser Beam Intermittent?
    Possible cause: Power supply is unstable or overvoltage.
    Solution: Check the power supply. Please send the unit if there is no improvement.
    Recommendations We recommend the use of a voltage stabilizer. (SPIKE Mod)
  4. The laser turns off and on again after a short period of time?
    Possible cause: Ambient temperature of the laser is too high. The integrated cooling system off automatically by 40 ° C.
    Solution: Protect the laser from any external heat sources. Do not expose the laser to direct sunlight.