Quality Policy

Customer Satisfaction

We put our customers’ expectations at the centre of our activities and beyond.
Customer satisfaction and loyalty to our company and brands are the main indicators of our success.

Aiming for results

For the RLASER, offering a quality service that is better than the competing brands is key to achieve excellent results in the long term, fruit of the constant attention to the needs of the Customer, Collaborators, Suppliers and Partners.

Management and Consistent Objectives

We work in a structured and systematic way throughout all the departments.
We achieve excellent performance through the recognition of quality, such as managerial guidelines and the commitment of our Management and all the Collaborators.

Process-Based Management

The consistency of processes guidelines and the evaluation of processes ensure our quick achievement of objectives by the optimal use of the resources.

Growth and Involvement of Staff

Each of us determines the quality and success of our own services.
Through active involvement, we support qualified Collaborators that are capable of working fully independently and responsibly.

Continuous Learning, Innovation and Improvement

The Collaborators continually develop their skills through creativity and learning.
Our process of continuous learning is based both on the use of directed methodologies and the effective exchange of know-how.


Established, long-lasting partnerships with our Suppliers, Dealers and Partners ensure our reliable commercial relationships which are characterised by a constant reciprocity of intents.

Health and safety

Protection of health and safety of workers constitute a primary value, a persistent commitment and a regular part of our mission.
The implementation of these principles is realized by the constant investment of resources, a continuous improvement of productivity and the reliability of processes in accordance with the law.