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Alignment/Positioning Laser

RLI srl has been producing systems for over 20 years as Laser markers, Positioning lasers, aiming and alignment system with Red and Green light, for the all industries. Thanks to the wide range of laser devices and accessories we are able to satisfy all the requests of our Customers in the industry


2D - 3D Projecyot Laser/Picking

The RLI laser projectors are disposed with high technology Laser, through a laser beam moved at very high speed creating points, lines, shapes in scale and with maximum precision, can be used on CNC machines, on plans for positioning materials, for procedures of assembly or picking.

OEM Laser/Artificial Vision

In addition to having laser diodes of various powers and wavelengths for artificial vision RLI srl manufactures and designs OEM laser systems for pointing and alignment for any industrial application. We also supply artificial vision systems.

R-LASER Laser systems for the industry

Thanks to the wide range of laser devices and accessories we are able to meet all the requests of our customers in the wood, marble, textile, automotive, automation, logistics, plastic robotics, mechanics, aeronautics, aerospace, etc.

Rli has a highly specialized staff able to develop laser systems for specific Customer needs or needs of small quantities. We can integrate artificial vision systems by providing assistance until the end of the project. We provide high resolution positioning systems with industry 4.0 interface

R-Laser, a dynamic company oriented to customer satisfaction